Five Plus was built for businesses that need the tools to stay ahead of the game.  To stay on top of their finances.  To better connect with their customers and peers.  And we built it to be affordable for any small business.  $30.00 per month.  No contract.  No term.  Try it.  Use it.  Keep it if it works for you, cancel if it doesn’t.

Here’s what you get with your $30.00 monthly Five Plus subscription:

FivePlusTrax -Trax is a financial dashboard that pulls information from your QuickBooks file, analyzes it and pushes the information to your desktop 24/7/365.  Think of it as a business partner that never sleeps, takes a day off and does in seconds what you would pay a bookkeeper hundreds of dollars per month to do!   It’s like having your own online accountant available to cut through the clutter at any time.

Alerts - You can count on our built in alerts—for such issues as accounts payable, cash, accounts receivable, sales, net profit margin, and tax payments—to keep you out of crisis mode. If there’s something you can do to strengthen your business, our alerts will let you know ahead of time.

But the most important benefit?  Peace of mind. Knowing that we are tracking and analyzing your number 24/7 so you can focus on running your business.